Our 2012 L-P Litter was born 22/6! 





Father: Rudan Razeel (Sweden; MCh. Al Wathba Umm Lajj Ibn Sahib x MCh. Aziz Tabasson)

Mother: Dual Int. Ch. Esmeray Noa H.e.B. (MCh. Deru Mowgli H.e.B. x Dual Int. Ch. Zanji Irabi H.e.B.)

There are 7 males and one female pup. She is feathered, same as 3 of the boys.

Four boys are smooth of which 2 are grizzle and all others are black & tan / silver:

The smooths at 4 weeks

The feathereds, also 4 weeks

A selection at 5 weeks:



First time out in the big garden:

Autumn 2012: Still remaining with mummy:

On the left Leo and at right Lilith; if all goes according to plan they will go to Australia in spring.

2nd Left: LironPili, stays with us.    2nd right: LuPulus waiting for the ideal home.